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A Review of
386 "A Fusion of Fine Eating"

386 “A Fusion of Fine Eating” is without a doubt a fine dining restaurant with wonderful food and a large variety of wines, along with a full bar.

When I eat at a restaurant, I discreetly pay attention to the other diners.  I watch the ones who are paying their checks.  The looks on their faces will usually tell you how they felt about their dining experience.  I pay attention to the dishes being served and the reaction of the diners to their meals.  

During my time at 386, the faces of the diners, including my wife and myself, displayed positive emotions that ranged from surprise to glee.  Eric waited on us.  His knowledge and ability to describe the appetizers and entrées was nearly superhuman.  His enthusiasm while doing so, was reminiscent of a proud father talking about his children.  “We are very proud of our food here!”, he said.
My wife and I shared the crab cake appetizer and each bite was like heaven on the end of a fork.  We were served a large slice of brie which we both found to be outstanding.

While we were enjoying our appetizers, we couldn’t help but notice the dishes served to the couple next to us.  The gentleman had the Tomahawk Ribeye.  Though not on the menu, his enormous ribeye, a recurring special, served with the large rib bone, looked and smelled delicious.  The lady was having prime rib, also a recurring specialty, put a look of bliss on her face with each bite.

Our entrées arrived.  My wife had lobster pasta.  The lobster was obviously fresh and she raved about how delicious the lobster, sauce and perfectly cooked pasta was.  The “Noodle Bowl” is always on the menu, but it varies from day to day based on the Chef’s inspiration.  That night it was a filet mignon with red peppers and sweet and spicy sauce.  I’m no fan of hot, spicy food, but the way Eric described the dish, I had to try it.  It was amazing.  The pieces of filet were tender but not mushy and melted in my mouth.  The noodles were outstanding, the peppers were fresh and the sauce, while spicy was not overwhelming and gave the dish exactly the right amount of zip.

I assessed every employee that I could see and the one similarity I noticed is that each of them appeared to truly be happy to be there.  It seemed that the pleasant atmosphere, amazing food and the pride taken in the food and the dining experience of each customer, by the chef and the owner, was felt by every employee with equal enthusiasm.

The owner Frank, while friendly and approachable, was extremely knowledgeable about wine and food.  If you don’t know much about wine, Frank and his staff are ready to help you make the right selection.  Frank’s knowledge is surpassed only by his passion.  He stopped by our table and chatted for a few minutes, and Matt, the chef who prepared our food came out to introduce himself also.  We felt like VIPs.  Then I realized that everyone dining there was treated as a VIP.

If you are looking for exceptional food, complimented by a wide selection of wines, and an outstanding dining experience, then 386 is where you need to be.  Due to the popularity, reservations are recommended.

386 "A Fusion of Fine Dining" is located at 5949 North Oceanshore Blvd. - Palm Coast, FL - 386.246.0070
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