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Kings of Chaos Daytona based rock cover band featured in Daytona Magazine
Steve from Kings of Chaos
Kings of Chaos

Daytona's Kings of Chaos is a Local Central Florida rock variety cover band based out of Daytona Beach. Comprised of 4 musicians who have been part of well known and respected area acts that have come together perform songs from the more ambitious but fun side of rock.

Let's see What the Kings of Chaos say about themselves:

"Daytona's Kings of Chaos is made up of a diverse group of guys from very different musical backgrounds. We hail from various parts of the Country. New York, Kentucky, New Jersey and Florida but all have been here in Florida and the greater Daytona Beach area for many years. We have all known each other for a number of years coming from other local groups such as Stick, Functional Lunacy. Before that I'm sure there's a great deal of debate as to what planet we came from.

They are basically a somewhat eclectic cover band that, put simply enjoy playing the best, most diverse rock n roll and in some cases a bit more challenging than most other local bands play. Most importantly, we just love a great party and making new friends in the process.

On any given weekend you're likely to find us kickin' it at any number of local places here in the area such as Mark's Sports Pub, The Legendary Boot Hill Saloon and Finnegan's Black Cloud Saloon.

We all of course have our own stories and specific backgrounds but for these purposes I'm sure that would be a bit much.

Just an FYI. This up coming weekend we will be at Boot Hill Saloon both Friday and Saturday night, 9:00-1:00 and then on Sunday a very important benefit for a friend in need at First Turn in Port Orange. The benefit runs from 3:00 - 9:00 PM with three bands slated to play. Stick, Crush and then KOC later in the afternoon. Just hit our page for those events and more information."

Members: K.O.C is: "The Bishop", Mike Markowski - Bass / "His Majesty", Joey Smith - Guitar / "His Grace", Steve Juengst - Drums / "The Fool" Gary Mobley II - Vox

Gary Mobley II contact at: daytonakingsof[email protected]

Kings of Chaos Daytona based rock cover band
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