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    Ricardo Da Silva is the Owner and General Manager of Portugal Wine Bar & Grill, a family owned and operated restaurant.  As the name implies, the restaurant specializes in Portuguese cuisine, but there is so much more to tell about this wonderful place.

    Everyone employed at Portuguese Portugal Wine Bar & Grill strives to provide exceptional service, that makes every diner feel like a VIP.  The dishes are exciting and delicious and the wonderful aroma from the kitchen will make your mouth water as soon as you walk in.  The atmosphere is inviting, and it is obvious that from the host, to the waitstaff, to the kitchen staff and chef, everyone enjoys what they are doing and takes pride in providing you with an unforgettable dining experience.

    Their menu offers extremely delicious steaks, tantalizing chicken dishes, savory grilled seafoods, tender prime rib, fresh salads, sensational appetizers, tempting desserts and the best wines and refreshing beverages.  The prices are reasonable and considered an exceptional value.

    We asked Ricardo Da Silva, “What are the best traditional Portuguese dishes you serve, that someone not familiar with Portuguese food, would not be aware of?”  He replied they would be, “Grilled Octopus on a Clay Tile, ‘Polvo Assado na Telha’.  Grilled Octopus served in a Clay Tile with Oven Roasted “Punched” Potatoes, Onions, Bell Peppers & Garlic Olive Oil.”  Also, “Pork and Little Neck Clams, ‘Carne de Porco a Alentejana’.  Cubed Pork with Clams and Fried Cubed Potatoes in a White Wine and Garlic Sauce.”

    However, his personal favorite is, “Seafood ‘Mariscada’, a delicious combination of Lobster, Shrimp, Clams, Scallops, Calamari and Mussels Simmered in our ‘In-House’ Marinara Sauced served with a side of White Rice”.


   When asked why he chose to open Portugal Wine Bar & Grill in Palm Coast, Ricardo said, “Palm Coast…has been one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. over the past three decades…Palm Coast is one of the cities with a large Portuguese community”.

   "The atmosphere is a casual yet refined…Diners feel comfortable coming in for dinner and a glass of wine, but they will also feel that they are going somewhere special. Though there is no dress code, no one will feel overdressed if they decide to dress for a special occasion.”
   Portugal Wine Bar & Grill provides entertainment like Smooth Jazz, Latin Jazz and Spanish Guitar.

   Ricardo credits his father as his main inspiration, and great, example to follow. He defines success by saying, “For me the success is to see when my customers are sitting at the table with a smile and satisfaction. When they congratulate me as they leave the restaurant and recommend me to their friends and family…that fills me with pride, knowing that my effort is paying off”.

   For those from Portugal, then Portugal Wine Bar & Grill, is an authentic slice of home. For those who have never had the privilege or ability to visit Portugal, Ricardo Da Silva has created a wonderful place to immerse yourself in Portuguese culture and partake of the delicious Portuguese cuisine.

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